adventure without limit..

Welcome to the Valinchamp universe, an independent clothing brand that transports you to the Alpine valleys. Explore on this site our products, our adventures, and our project!

“Where the city meets the mountain, adventure becomes style.”

Presentation of the Valinchamp brand

Valinchamp is much more than just a streetwear brand, it's a stroll through the valleys of Champsaur and Valgaudemar. It's marveling at snow-capped peaks, the scent of pure air, and the feeling of infinite freedom. We transcend fashion to create a universe where the mountains become an endless source of inspiration, revealing their secrets to us.
Welcome home!

Image du Premier Tee-shirt de Valinchamp

First Valinchamp prototypes

We have created the first prototype of a T-shirt and sweatshirt (which are not intended for sale or release). The goal was to test the cuts, weights, durability, and to visualize the logo on the fabric. Since we are satisfied with the result, we will use these T-shirt and sweatshirt references as blank canvases for screen printing in our upcoming collections.

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