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Our Project

Who are we?

We created the Valinchamp brand in 2023 with the aim of showcasing the splendid valleys of Valgaudemar and Champsaur through streetwear fashion. Driven by our passion for fashion and the deep connection we have to these places that shaped our childhood, it felt natural to merge these two elements to create this project. We are convinced that fashion serves as a genuine means of communication, offering the opportunity to travel, learn, and express oneself. From this project, adventures are born and will continue to emerge, promising to transport us and make us dream. So, welcome home!

What are we making?

Currently, we offer streetwear fashion items (clothing, accessories, etc.) inspired by the mountainous universe and valleys of Valgaudemar and Champsaur. However, we are committed to controlling the creation process of our clothing and products. That's why we have developed technical skills such as screen printing, sewing, design, etc. As a result, all our products are printed in Valgaudemar by us. While we primarily offer fashion items today, we also aspire to diversify our offerings over time. For instance, we plan to create websites for local businesses or artisans and beyond.

Progress of our project

Our project is currently in the development phase ⏳

But we want to keep you informed about its progress, so here's a summary of the different phases completed so far:
✅ Protection of the Valinchamp© brand
✅ Creation of the legal structure of the company
✅ First Valinchamp prototypes

Image des produits de Valinchamp
We are currently working on our first collection, which will be launched in 2024!

For more information and updates on the progress of our project, we invite you to follow us on our social media channels.